Bob’s Biking Blog

Hey ya’ll my name is Bob (or Bobby, or Billy, or Billy Bob) and this is my little vehicle's blog. My pappy always said I was born in the seat of a tractor, and I don’t think he was joking. I have always had a knack for vehicles, whether it was racing around a dirt bike track with my brothers or trying to fix the old John Deere that was laying in the field for a year. I actually still have that tractor in the garage at the farm and work on it at least once a week. Currently I support myself through the family farm and by doing mechanical work for surrounding farms in the area as well. I must be revered as a pretty decent mechanic even though I have little schooling in it, but I always said practice is the best teacher.

What to Expect

Come back to my blog every week for a fresh, new post about vehicles. It might be about a new car or truck that is coming out, a general rundown on a specific make or model, the new bike trail I found or anything else that pops into my crazy brain. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I plan to. See you next week!

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