Germany Votes against Internal Combustion Cars

What’s going on everyone, it is Billy Bob here again. Today I have a little bit of news for my vehicle's blog, and it regards vehicles sales over there in Europe. German parliament members the other day voted to ban the sale of all internal combustion powered engines in the EU by 2030. After that, the only vehicles available on the market will be ones that have zero emissions. The resolution was passed with unanimous support with members from both aisles voting for it.

The resolution states that any vehicles made after 2030 and sold in the European Union would have to be zero-emission vehicles, with the only diesel or gasoline internal combustion powered vehicles allowed on the market would be those sold before 2030. As the resolution was made by the German Bundesrat and therefore has no direct authority over the EU and cannot dictate changes to the European Union’s Transit Authority. But as the largest economy in the EU and largest population government decisions made in Germany usually influence those made in the European Union.

With the ultra high fuel prices in the EU at the moment a lot of drivers are switching to diesel for the big savings, as diesel sales have been making up over half of new car sales in Europe every year since 2006 except 2009. This moves seems to have had an unintentional consequence however with all the ongoing emission scandals.

I think this decision is a great idea, and it will really force the hands of automakers to invest in alternative energy solutions. I also think that the over 10 year gap if fair, it can take a long time to fully shift development in large companies. What do you guys think of the decision? Let me know in the comments, and remember to have a great one out there today!

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